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Deadwood Collection LIMITED Offering 1856 Upright 5 Type 3 $1 Gold NGC UNC Det.

1856 Upright 5 Gold $1 Type 3 Coin NGC UNC Details Cleaned Deadwood Collection

The present 1856 Upright 5 gold dollar is part of the famous "Deadwood Collection" which took more than 30 years to assemble. Specimens in each grade are available in extremely limited quantities

The present offering is a specimen from the famous
NGC-pedigreed Deadwood Collection exclusively
comprised of pre-Civil War 1856 Upright 5 Gold Dollars.
This original Red Book variety and first year of the Type 3
gold dollar variety is extremely scarce due to the fact that it
was only minted during Q-4 of 1856 as this variety
This 166-year old 1856 Upright 5 Gold U.S. Dollar is
housed in a special limited edition core black holder and
pedigreed by NGC.
In 1856, the United States Mint struck gold dollars with
two distinctly different date logotypes. The "Slanted 5"
variety, which is the much more frequently encountered
version, features an italicized 5. This had been the style
employed by the Mint through the first six years of the
1850s. The other style, "Upright 5", cut a more up-and-
down figure and is recognized as an original Red Book

Walter Breen and David Akers both assigned a mintage
figure of 33,660 in "United States Gold Coins."
According to numismatist JP Martin, the surviving 1856
Upright 5 Gold Dollars are likely 10-15 times scarcer than
the "slanted" variety.
1856 is the first year in which the United States produced
the Type Three Gold dollar featuring a larger Indian
Princes s Head that was struck from 1856 to 1889.
And the 1856 Upright 5 Gold Dollar represents the US's first denomination to have the date logotype
standardized on the coin's reverse.
In 1857, all date logotypes for all denominations of US
coinage went upright in non-italic format.
For other NGC-graded pedigreed specimens from the
sought after Deadwood Collection, please us.