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1999-W $10 American Gold Eagle, PCGS MS-67, Emergency Issue

1999 Emergency Issue $10 Gold Eagle PCGS MS-67. 1999 was the run up to the Y2K hysteria and there was a great deal of concern about whether or not the computers of the world would function properly when the date changed from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. Many people bought gold and silver coins so that they would be able to barter if the monetary systems all became unusable. Tenth ounce 1998 1,344,520 1999 2,750,338 2000 569, 153 Quarter ounce 1998 309,829 1999 564,232 2000 128,964 In late 1999, there was unprecedented demand for smaller denomination American Gold Eagles. In my opinion, the US Mint had run out of regular dies for these coins and because of the demand, reached up on the shelf and utilized some dies that were prepared for Proof Only strikings. They used these dies to make commercial strikings of the $5, 1/10 ounce, and the $10, ¼ ounce coins. Some people refer to these coins as errors, but I prefer to call them Emergency Issues, like the 1942/41 dimes. Estimated mintage for the $10 are no more than 3000.

 _gsrx_vers_841 (GS 7.0.16 (841))