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The Booklet of the Fourth Set of Renminbi of The People's Republic


The Booklet of the Fourth Set of Renminbi of The People's Republic

This Booklet comes held within in a beautifully designed burgundy red case which features a holographic stamp from the People's Bank of China on the front cover and a yellow clothed interior which holds the booklet

The booklet within features a hardcover case which is embedded with holographic text on the front alongside a protruding metallic emblem at the top and beautiful holographic imagry on the exterior borders for each page. This booklet also includes a total of 17 notes from differing varieties within it.

The notes within this booklet include a total of 7 sets of 2 uncut Yuan Notes with ranging denominations and years, alongside 3 individually cut small Jiao Notes of differing denominations. Each set of of notes features a detailed description of their obverse and reverse designs written in both in Chinese and English.




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