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1942-45 Silver War Nickel Half Roll Set One Half Roll 20 coins Each Date/MM BU!

Complete set of BU Jefferson War Time Nickel Half Rolls. Included rolls are from 1942 P, 1942 S, 1943 P, 1943 D, 1943 S, 1944 P, 1944 D, 1944 S, 1945 P, 1945 D, 1945 S. Some coins are in original bank wrappers. These rolls were stored sometime in the 1950's or early 1960's. The man who compiled these rolls died in 1964 and the coins have been kept in a safe deposit box since 1967. We have a complete roll set of these war time nickels, if interested in the complete roll set please buy both quantities. 

Please Take a Look at the Pictures.